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  1. Thank for sharing with us and Blessings on you and your work. Take friends.

    1. Hi Ralph. Glad you enjoy it. Thank you for checking in, and keep us in your prayers.

      God bless.

    2. Greetings and Merry Christmas. What memories of serving with your folks in Salinas. Do you have and video or recordings of your dad singing and playing? Take care in His Services and your ministries. Blessings

      1. Hi Ralph. I think my mom might have some old recordings. I’ve got a cassette of our family doing music nearly 40 years ago. Thanks for checking in.

  2. That was really cool! There was a few times that I had trouble hearing you, but I would give it one snap and a twirl! I need to Ask Major Randy if he would consider using it during our world service moment at the corps some Sunday. Keep up the good work…praying for you guys!!

    1. Glad you liked it! Go for it … spread it around. Hopefully, now that I’ve figured it out, I’ll be able to add more from time to time. Thanks for the prayers!

  3. Greetings to you both. Glad to see, even so briefly, at Congress.
    I just found your video. Its great. I hope we can play it at the corps soon.
    Always enjoy your blog and have been sending copies to several other corps and DHQ in case they are not getting it directly. I put each one on the corps bulletin board.
    Know that we are keeping you in prayer. Thanks for sharing so regularly with us!!
    God bless.
    Bev Herivel

    1. Glad you found the video, and I hope lots of folks enjoy it. It was created at the request of a cadet for their missions program, but I hope many corps can use it just to keep people aware of how their world services fundraising makes a difference! We appreciate your support and encouragement so much. We just recently listened to the morning worship CD from DHC on missions Sunday back in April I believe? (We’re not listening to them in order, obviously!) We enjoyed tuning in very much, and especially to hear you report on our work here in PNG! Please greet everyone there for us, and keep pointing folks to my blog for stories and photos of this great adventure. Thanks for everything. God bless.

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