Majors Curtiss & Sandy Hartley have followed God's leading for more than 30 years, and it's now delivered them to the shores of Papua New Guinea.

Majors Curtiss & Sandy Hartley have followed God’s leading for more than 30 years, and it’s now delivered them to the shores of Papua New Guinea.

Curtiss and Sandy Hartley have been Salvation Army officers for nearly 30 years, having served in Missouri, Illinois and Wisconsin in corps appointments, and in Virginia at National Headquarters, in Michigan at Divisional Headquarters in Detroit, and now at THQ in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

We have a son, Justin, married to Stephanie. They had their first child in August. His name is Landon Elijah, and he’s adorable! Justin and Stephanie are serving as ministry interns at The Salvation Army in Rockford, Illinois, and plan to enter the College for Officer Training in the fall of 2013.

Our daughter Megan is in her first year of training as a cadet at The Salvation Army’s College for Officer Training in Chicago. She spent the past two years serving as a ministry intern at the Marinette, Wisconsin corps.

We love that God has called us into ministry to serve Him, and are very excited (and scared) about this new adventure, moving to Papua New Guinea to serve at the Territorial Headquarters. We are far from home and family, but right where God has placed us, to use us for His purposes. And we’re grateful!

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  1. Congratulations to you both! I know you will have a great time, and God will definitely use you in ways you haven’t yet thought of!

    Go well, then!

    1. Bob, thanks so much for the encouragement. Keep us in your prayers.

  2. God bless you both as you follow the Will of God! It is an exciting journey and you will be a blessing to so many people. We will pray for the entire journey, knowing God is in control. “Doing the will of God…doing the will of God…the best thing I know in this world below is…doing the will of God. ” Proud of you!

    1. Jan, we appreciate your prayers, and knowing that you’re behind us. Great chorus – great encouragement.

  3. Nice. Keep the thoughts coming!

    1. Gary … I’ll do my best. Hopefully be adding pix and video soon.

  4. Barbara Hartley | Reply

    you’ve both done well in overseas short term service..God will bless you in this new one, too, and teach you more about his people. We’ll sure miss you, tho !

    1. Thanks, Mom! Love you.

  5. Check out your son’s percussion on the Winnebago FB page. Two posts just for you guys. Loved on your grandson this past Sunday and he pooped and cried on me after a lot of flirting! Miss you guys!

    1. Beverly, do you have a more specific description for the Winnebago FB page? I can’t find it. You keep loving on our grandson, and reminding him of how much his Grandpa Curtiss and Grandma Sandy love him, every day, okay?!?!

      1. Sorry I just saw this today when I was being nosy on your blog. The Salvation Army – Winnebago County. Hope you are enjoying the videos of the little man as it is always a joy to love on him for you! I show him your picture on our fridge and we have been working on saying, “Grandma, Grandpa” but all he does right now is smile at me when we do. Hope to see you guys in June in Rockford.

  6. Praying you feel better Curtis. Thanks for sending updates in ways we can be helpful and share your ministry. Blessings on you!

    1. Mary, good to hear from you. We appreciate the thoughts and prayers coming our way. Hope you continue to enjoy and share this site with others. God bless.

  7. Been a while since I read your blog, friends. 3 months tomorrow since my eldest sister was PTG in Duluth Mn. Death has no victory through cancer but the constant awareness that she is in heavenleaves a void in my life.. which is quite evident to me these days. be in the St Louis area in May for 1sr grand child H S graduation, some vacation before the congress and on to mich after that. bill has a 2 week audit in Honolulu in August. Of course I’m traveling with him.

    be assured that each of your days and their specific experiences are known to God. We thank God for you often and follow your days in our hearts often. blessings,

    1. Thanks for your note, Donna. It’s so good to hear from you. We were in prayer with you and your family when we heard of your loss. It’s been an encouragement to see the notes regarding her spirit and testimony!

      We’re sure looking forward to seeing you and Bill in St. Louis in a few weeks!!!

      God bless

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