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Did we really just do that?


The Summer Mission Team from the US Central Territory: Christopher Irvine, Justin Johnson, Macy Theriot and Summer Koehler

Upon our return from the tiny mountain top village of Mukili, a 12-hour perilous drive in the northwest of Papua New Guinea, we shared the strange feeling of disbelief. We looked at each other and asked, “Did we really just do that?!”

It was our privilege to accompany the four young people from the US Central Territory’s Summer Mission Team Continue reading →

It’s on my ‘bucket list’ …

My first pottery lesson

My first pottery lesson

… so I made a little bucket. Sort of. It’s more of a funky bowl. But let me explain how it came to be.

I wrote last time about our travels to the highlands, and I referenced one of the coolest experiences I’ve had. The blog was getting long, and this deserved more space. Continue reading →