IMG_0846We came back from lunch yesterday to discover a large parcel in our mail — it had a stack of cards from CBLI 2012.

I spent a few minutes reading each card, and it was such an encouragement to me. Some of the names I recognized, many I did not. But it was obvious that someone had taken the time to think about, talk about and pray about our then upcoming ministries here in this wonderful country! The notes from the young people were simple and succinct, yet heartfelt.

It is funny to imagine that the cards were probably put away for safekeeping until our arrival, and only now were they discovered and sent. Yet perhaps God knew that now would be the time the encouragements would be most needed! Having just returned from our mid-term homeland furlough, it was (is) a tough time for us, so these notes from the young people really are a blessing.

I wish I could thank each of the young people who wrote the cards, and their leader(s) responsible for the group project.

You know who you are. Or perhaps you know some young people that attended CBLI the summer of 2012 — ask them if they were one of the many who wrote to us, and point them to this post. Please know that the cards made a difference. God used them to minister to our hearts in a very clear way.

Thank you for writing.

Notes from home are such a blessing, folks. Keep writing, even though it takes weeks for delivery. God knows the timing, and He’s already prepared the way.

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