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Today’s Peaches


My grandmother was the epitome of saving and not wasting. Old foil was gently folded to be used again, paper towels were cut into quarter-sheet squares, and shopping bags were tucked in every nook and cranny to be used for a thousand different things. She raised my mom that way, and growing up in the 70s, mom was militant about our family’s care of our planet.

Life here in PNG is filled with lots of discoveries, great and small. So please allow me a moment of personal reflection … Continue reading →

Hoe Dee Yo!

Teaching at Men's Camp, South Central Division at Lea Lea

Teaching at Men’s Camp, South Central Division at Lea Lea

You’ve not lived ‘til you’ve heard folks from PNG say, “Hoe-dee-yo.” That’s what I tried to teach the men at the men’s camps I lead in Goroka and in Lea Lea. I would greet them with, “Apenun Olgeta” which is pidgin for “good afternoon everyone,” and then I would tell them that where I’m from (Kansas) we have a similar greeting, so if I was learning their language, they should learn mine, right? Oh, by the way, if you’ve not figured it out yet – that’s “Howdy y’all.” Continue reading →