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The Meaning of Ministry

Captain Buka tells boys from Back Road about God's love for them

Captain Buka tells boys from Back Road about God’s love for them

My mom used to say: “The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get!” And that’s pretty much how I feel of late. Some days I feel like I work like crazy all day long scurrying from one thing to the next and dealing with drop-ins and phone calls and meetings – and then I get to the end of the day,and I’ve accomplished nothing from my plan. It’s all my work, but good grief already! So I recently posted pictures from my awesome trip to Lae, in the Morobe Province, Continue reading →

Pix from Lae

Street boys from Back Road.

Street boys from Back Road.

Check out the photo page for the latest pix from my visit last week to Lae.

Busy time, been sick, so will write more later. There’s much to tell about the trip …

Thanks, God bless, and love to all.

First 24 Hours-5

We’re standing at the edge of a hill, just down from the corps hall, with a family that was in Easter worship. I can’t get over the view the live with!

It’s the day after Easter — at least here on our side of the world! I slept in ’til 7 this morning, and then spent my quiet time with coffee, Bible reading and then some Facebook, and it’s been fun reading all the notes regarding Easter celebrations back home. Continue reading →