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A Day in the Life

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Our first box of “milk.”

I wake around 5:45 or 6:00 most mornings, with the warm rays of the sun just beginning to peak through our upstairs bedroom windows that face the mountains to the east. The ceiling fan is beating on high speed, and the air is already becoming sticky and warm. During the night, it may have gotten cool enough that I’ve pulled a thin sheet over myself, Continue reading →

A Dark and Rainy Night …

My uninvited guest.

My uninvited guest.

My greatest fear about living in PNG was realized and I survived – more or less!

Many of you know that I’ve got a ridiculous and irrational fear of spiders. Little ones or big ones, fat ones or skinny ones, harmless or venomous, I don’t really care. I simply do not like spiders. One of the first little tidbits of information that some kind soul shared with us Continue reading →

The Servant’s Entrance

ImageAt first, I felt a little guilty using my “special” key to let myself into the side entrance of THQ instead of going to the front entrance like many others. The building sits at a busy corner, inside a gated compound with guards to let automobiles and pedestrians pass through. The front entrance is just inside that gate, Continue reading →