The Visitor

Palmato_geckoOur frequent visitor scurries along the wall and then pauses, clinging to the spot with the little round pads at the ends of his toes. I think he looks at us with curiosity; we don’t look like most of the folks he’s used to seeing around his home.

He must like us, the gecko that lives here, because it seems he’s invited several of his tinier cousins to stop in for a peek. Or maybe it’s not a friendly gesture, but more of a curiosity, as though we’re big creatures in their little Gecko zoo.

I wonder if he’s making any money off his tiny cousins? Or if it’s a free zoo, where we’re the main attraction? I wonder too if he speaks to his cousins in that heavy accent: “Eet’s like gettin’ pai, wif chips, fo’ free!”

I’ve not named him yet, but I’m thinking up some options. Sandy’s not so sure she wants me getting too attached, but I figure if we’re going to be living in the same house for a while, we might as well become familiar.

Beside, I’ll bet he’s got a name for me already. I wonder …

8 responses

  1. I’m surprised he hasn’t tried to sell you any Geiko insurance yet!

    1. Thanks, Jim. Maybe that explains that tiny little briefcase I’ve seen him leave laying around. 🙂

  2. We had small cameleons in the house in Costa Rica – no bigger than 2-3 inches. I watched them hunt small insects and moths on the walls and ceilings. Of course we had no window screens so there was plenty to eat. The Costa Ricans consider a faithful cameleon to be “good luck”. Good luck with your gecko.

    1. Hi John. I think the little guys are kinda cute, but I’m not sure Sandy’s convinced. We’re fortunate to have screens, but gaps in doors allow plenty of “flying food” for the geckos, so I figure they’re a welcome benefit. It is a bit unnerving still when we’re watching TV and suddenly there’s movement along a wall! 🙂

  3. They do become a part of the family, after you get past being startled – we didn’t have screens either, so they always had a banquet available – what I didn’t appreciate were the slugs – so slimmy and always leaving a messy trail. We continue to pray for your ministry there and enjoy reading the posts. This is a great site!

    1. Yeah, slugs would be another issue. So far, we’ve not seen those around here — thank goodness!!! Thanks for your prayers. Glad you like the site. Say, “Morning tru,” to Jim. (That’s my first use of Tok Pisin! It means, “Good morning.”)

  4. I loved those little guys. We would stop and watch them too. They’d look at us, usually hanging on our walls, lifting their little feet one at a time, looking a little scared. We were worried that we would step on them or smoosh them somehow.

    1. Jim … Can you imagine how grossed-out my wife would be if she actually smooshed one of those little guys?!?! 🙂 I’d never hear the end of it. Shoulda seen her the other night when a little tiny gecko apparently tried to crawl up her leg while we were sitting on the couch. I just about had to peel her off the ceiling.

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