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Cup of Cold Water

A house near the coast, on the road to Papa.

A house near the coast, on the road to Papa.

“We have a clinic in Koki, and one in Papa” Colonel Chris said, pointing to the outer two of three large circles, “and a counseling center at Ela Beach,” she touched the middle of the three, “and they’re just not working.”

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The Visitor

Palmato_geckoOur frequent visitor scurries along the wall and then pauses, clinging to the spot with the little round pads at the ends of his toes. I think he looks at us with curiosity; we don’t look like most of the folks he’s used to seeing around his home.

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It’s the little things

esq-alternative-apparel-040912-xlgWe moved to Papua New Guinea a little more than six weeks ago, and we’ve adapted fairly well to many of the big changes. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve begun to notice something. I find myself longing for insignificant things. A cold glass of fresh milk. Dryer-fluffed undershirts. Continue reading →