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Traditions Old and New

Merry Christmas from PNG

Christmas is a time for celebrating traditions. I’ve enjoyed reading on FaceBook about customary family activities like cutting a Christmas tree together, or touring holiday lights with carols playing and enjoying cookies and hot chocolate. Some families would assemble a brass ensemble and staff a Red Kettle for a shift, or go to a Christmas Eve service.

This year holds new “traditions” for Sandy and me – it’s been a Christmas like none other. Continue reading →

Lightning-Fast Reflexes!


lightningA shout-out to my three friends with lightning-fast reflexes:

3rd Place – Beverly Herivel

2nd Place – Nancy Holloway

1st PLACE – Dawn Heatwole


Okay, for the rest of you, a little explanation is in order. Continue reading →

Malaria? But I thought …

imageThirty days. That’s what everyone said. IF you’re bitten by a mosquito that happens to be a carrier, it’ll take thirty days for the little critters (they’re called parasites, but that just sounds so … disgusting!) to camp out in your liver until they mature, and then unleash their dastardly invasion throughout your bloodstream, wreaking havoc with every system! Continue reading →

Sensory Overload

First 24 Hours-7So I suppose waiting for the plumber to come fix the shower so we can turn our water back on is a good excuse to finally slow down and write about our experiences. In some respects, it’s been tough to even imagine writing it all down, because we feel like we’re inundated with sensory overload. But let me try to touch on a few highlights, and give a sense of what we’ve been through. Continue reading →