God’s got a sense of humor

I used to tell my brothers and close friend, “You don’t think God’s got a sense of humor? Look in the mirror sometime.” (So if you ever heard that from me, then you know I liked you very much. Or you’re my brother — I suppose those two are not necessarily mutually exclusive.)

I was reminded of that old quote the other day, after my last post about waiting and waiting, and having many exciting life events happen while we’re waiting and waiting, and recognizing that none of that was a surprise to God, because He’s got it all under control anyway.

Well, imagine our surprise when, a day after I posted that note, we received word that our work permits had been approved. Yep, God’s definitely got a sense of humor.

Not only did we get word, we got .pdf pictures of the work permits. All of a sudden, we jumped into panic mode to complete “last things” whatever those things are. We finished the visa application paperwork with titles and numbers from our newly minted work permits, and mailed those off, along with our passports. We’re arranging flight schedules, putting the last things from my dad’s place into storage, doing a “practice pack” to be sure everything’s going to fit, and basically doing everything we can to stay busy enough to not notice that within a few short weeks we’ll be saying goodbye to our children and our grandson, and boarding a plane to the other side of the world.

Wow! Exciting! Scary!

Wonder what God thought of my post about waiting? I wonder if He grinned knowingly regarding our work permits coming to us the next day? I wonder if I should be anthropomorphizing God again? (Thanks to my friend and mentor, Hank Gariepy, for that wonderful little gem of a word!)

I wonder if God laughs at us anytime we think we’re making plans for our lives. I’m glad He’s not a mean tyrant, but a loving and patient God who enjoys His children.

4 responses

  1. I think that God thinks: when will they learn that all is under control? . We are impatient is part of our nature but even been impatient we can have faith .

    1. Thanks Jessica. Great to hear from you.

  2. Great to read that things are progessing and that you both will soon be on your way! I am enjoying reading your blog, thanks for doing this. Will this continue once you are in PNG? Blessings on you as you wait for your departure and I hope it all fits ! Lisa 🙂

    1. Thanks for checking in Lisa. Yes, my intent is to actually do more blogging once we arrive. I hope to share stories of the great adventure, along with pictures and even videos. I hope folks will enjoy it, but that it will also serve to give ideas for prayer support. I appreciate your interest and prayers. God bless.

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