Holding Pattern

We moved our “stuff” to Chicago, and have now settled in to our temporary quarters in a nice townhouse in Rolling Meadows. We’re grateful to the Army for taking good care of us while we await our work permits and Visas to travel to PNG.

It’s still not sunk in that we’re going to be missionaries! Sandy and I look at each other once in a while and say in astonishment, “can you believe it?” We know our lives and our service are in God’s hands, and we’re trusting him.

It occurs to me that I’m learning something new about trust. Though there have been times in my life where I know I’ve testified to God’s providence and leading, it now takes on a whole new level — it’s “realer.” Though I’ve learned much about PNG since we were asked to go, and though many folks have shared information with us, there is still a great deal of the unknown regarding our move there, and our work there. So we plan and we prepare … but ultimately, we just trust. And that word just takes on a much deeper meaning, I guess.

Perhaps that’s a part of God’s design in this whole ordeal … teaching me about that word. So I move through each day, simply trusting every day, come what may.

Thanks for all the encouragement and prayers. We do covet that! Keep in touch, as we know that the isolation will seem to be one of the greatest hurdles to deal with.

Send candy. Send DVDs. (I was going to suggest sending nylons for Sandy … but oh yeah! She doesn’t need to wear them there!)

’til next time. God bless.

6 responses

  1. If we do send you something, will you get it? Will you have to pay some big tax or something crazy like that. Candy and DVDs are at the top of your list?

    1. We’re told that if packages are labeled “missionary supplies” that they should get through just fine. Until we get over there we’re not sure what else we might miss/need, but we’ll keep you posted.


  2. 2 Timmy 1:7 says’ “Dont be scured” (Paraphrase by Sean)

    1. Nice! Thanks Sean.

  3. I know that God is in Charge and you will have an awsome experience in PNG but above all, youl will be an instrument of blessing there.

    1. Thanks Jessica! That’s what we’re praying for. It’s going to be quite an adventure.

      God bless.

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