Spiders! I don’t like spiders.

spider22I don’t like spiders. Anyone who knows me, learns that pretty quickly. They just creep me out! Bugs are fine. Snakes are okay. But spiders — don’t like ’em. My skins crawling right now as I even think about them.

So, 8 years ago when Sandy and I wrote to tell our leaders that we were willing to be considered for an overseas appointment, I didn’t think about spiders. I thought about exciting new foods. I thought about meeting people, and seeing The Salvation Army in a new light. I thought about working in maybe harsher conditions than we’re used to. But I didn’t think about spiders.

Then last fall, we were asked if we would consider taking appointments in Papua New Guinea. We asked, “Um … can we take a couple of days?” We talked, we prayed, we went to Google to see what on earth we might be in for. It looked exciting. Beautiful! Adventurous.

… and then there were the tarantulas!

I can’t help but think that God would have a little, sly grin on His face right now.

He says, “Okay, Curtiss … you’ve trusted me for years with all sorts of big things in your life. Here’s just a little thing. Trust me?”

When we said “yes” to God, there were all sorts of things for us to worry about. There are family concerns — our first grandchild, kids going to The Salvation Army’s training college for officers, parents who can’t get by without us (okay, we have siblings who are taking care of that, but still …), our own plans for life. And now God says, “Trust me in the little things, Curtiss.”

Tarantulas may be little to You, God, but to me, they’re gynormous!

Just maybe I’ll end up with one for a pet!

6 responses

  1. Hey spiders arnt all that bad….look what happened to a sqawny, 4-eyed, nerd, named Peter Parker…He got bit, grew some muscles, lost the glasses, and became one of the world’s greatest superheros…”The Amazing Spider-Man”…who knows may be it could happen to you.

    1. um … doubtful … and I just don’t want to be bitten just to find out. Just sayin’.

  2. Dude, that’s one gnarly spider! Enjoy the new experience and bring back tons of pictures.

    1. I’ve told Sandy to just get me little tiny leashes so I can round them up and take them for walks. 🙂 (Megan doesn’t like the idea – says she’ll never come visit me!)

      I plan to put up pix and video often, so you can follow our journey.

  3. Hey, I still get a smile on my face when I think about my jumping spider. Do you remember the time that I placed my jumping spider under the corner of my desk? I waited for you to come out, and as fate would have it, you did. You stood at my desk talking to me and I stepped on the air ball that makes it jump. That wasn’t the only thing that jumped. I thought you were going to come out of your skin. Amazing that you are now coming to peace with our eight legged friends. Or are you…..

    Have a great time in New Guinea. I miss you guys.

    1. Joe, that was the perfect example of why a preacher needs to be careful of personal sharing from the pulpit! Everyone always had lots of fun with that, but it seems you were usually the instigator! We miss you too. Say “Howdy” to everyone for us.

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