Going Live!

Welcome to my new blog!

Today, The Salvation Army announced our new appointments (see the bulletin posted below), so I’m launching this blog as a way to keep you informed, to share our experiences, and give you the chance to connect with us. I hope to write often about this adventure, and put pictures and videos on this site.

We would covet your prayers during our time of preparation, and while we’re over there, that God would use us for His purpose.

Stay tuned … in these preparatory days, I’ll try to go back to where this all started, and give you a glimpse of how it’s all come about.



On behalf of the Territorial Commander, Commissioner Paul R. Seiler, I am pleased to announce the following appointments effective July 1, 2012.


Major Curtiss Hartley
Papua New Guinea Territory as Territorial Director of Support Services

Major Sandra Hartley
Papua New Guinea Territory as Territorial Financial Secretary

We express our gratitude for a job well done in their present appointments and our prayer for these officers as they prepare their hearts and minds for these new responsibilities.

2 responses

  1. Beverly Peterson | Reply

    Wow!! and WOW!!!

    1. I KNOW! That’s what WE thought when they first asked us!!! But God is good, and we’ve decided He know’s what He’s doing, so we can trust Him. 🙂

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